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Grasmere Ostrich Farm is situated in the fertile, temperate Eastern Cape coastal region of Southern Africa, close to the beautiful seaside village of St Francis Bay, and less than half an hour off Route 62, the gateway to the Garden Route.  Approximately 1 hour from the Port Elizabeth International Airport en route to the Western Cape, makes a stop-over at the farm boutique an easy and pleasant detour.

Our farm has been in business for over a decade and is now a full scale ostrich farming enterprise, operating both locally and internationally with the sale of hides, feathers and finished ostrich leather products.

We adhere to strict international farming standards to ensure our end products are of the highest quality. Our ostrich leather products are sold both online, simply submit an enquiry form from our website, and from our farm based boutique.

Our Farm Ostriches

The leather is tanned and dyed at the renowned Woods Tannery which uses a semi-aniline dying process to achieve perfect results.

Tanning may take a few weeks to complete as skins are taken from crust, to dye lots and drumming bins, a highly technical and skilled process. The finished product is supple, glossy and ultimately most appealing on the eye.  Unlike other hides, ostrich leather is a highly durable product that requires little attention and will last for many years.

Farming is a way of life as much as it is a business and the Grasmere team is therefore a close knit and dedicated group. All farm employees and their families live on the farm with most adult family members involved in the business in some way.  While many ostrich farming enterprises in the Western Cape region have been harshly affected by restrictions and bird mortality due to outbreaks of Avian Flu, Grasmere Ostriches has endeavoured to continue with ostrich farming and providing a constant and consistently high quality leather.

Grasmere Ostrich Leather Boutique offers a wide selection of top quality ostrich leather handbags and various accessories from belts and wallets to purses and spec cases. When considering a purchase, bear in mind that although ostrich leather may not be the cheapest option available, it is a worthy investment that will never go out of style.  The recent outbreaks of Avian Flu, and subsequent culling of many ostriches in Southern Africa, has resulted in ostrich hides, feathers and leather products becoming even more scarce and sought after than ever before.

Our own farm-reared ostriches supply the leather for our products, while the manufacturing is out sourced to expert manufacturers who have been in the industry for decades and are specialists in working with ostrich leather. A great deal of care has been taken to ensure our chosen manufacturers are the best in their field, and match our high quality leather with top class fittings and stitching.

Our products and colour chart are guided by international fashion trends, so don’t be surprised if you spot an A list celebrity sporting the same ostrich leather handbag you have just purchased from our boutique. We pride ourselves in offering our customers fine quality craftsmanship and excellent after sale service.

Please contact Contact us for any queries or additional information on our ostrich leather products.

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