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Peter Rautenbach

Grasmere Farm was bought in the 1970’s by the Rautenbach family. Originally a wheat farm, owner Peter Rautenbach also experimented with dairy farming and sheep.

Peter met Bryan Landman in the 1990’s and within a few years Grasmere progressed into a fully fledged ostrich business.  The farm covers close to 900ha of land allowing the birds freedom of movement.

Grasmere Ostriches is a close knit, dedicated farming concern endeavouring to provide our customers with excellent hands-on service while delivering products of the highest standard at the best prices possible.  As we are situated in the Eastern Cape, the farm operates independently from the large conglomerate of ostrich farmers in the Oudtshoorn area of the Western Cape.

Today Bryan Landman resides on Grasmere whilst Peter and his wife Elisabeth live on a neighbouring farm, Soutvlei.

The two farms operate together, providing plenty of roaming space for our, on average, 3000 ostriches. The birds are reared along strict European Union guidelines and are free range.  If you visit the farm at the right time of year you may be lucky enough to spot a nesting ostrich pair, or a female ostrich fiercely protecting her brood of newly hatched chicks.

Inoculations are only done when absolutely necessary and all ostriches roam free, with the exception of a few days before slaughter, when they are camped off in special areas. This isolation is required by the European Union to ensure all birds are tick and disease free.

Ostrich biltong may be available at the farm boutique from time to time. This dried, spiced meat is a South African speciality and is delicious as well as nutritious, due to the fact that ostrich is a very lean meat, in fact the healthiest of all red meats available.

Grasmere also farms beef cattle and sheep which pose no danger to the ostriches.

Bryan sees to the daily activities on the farm as well as the buying and selling of hides while Bryan runs the on- site Ostrich Boutique. The beautiful indigenous garden and boutique decor is the fruits of Elisabeth’s labour.

Our farm employees all reside on the farm, with father and son often working side by side. Ostrich farming is a specialised industry, and most of our employees have been with us for many years, while learning the ropes, and ultimately becoming specialists in their field. 

Adult ostriches are plucked at regular intervals in a special “plucking box”.  These beautiful black and white feathers are then sold to the local and overseas markets for decorations, carnival costumes and so forth.

Take your time browsing our site, discover interesting facts about ostriches, learn about our farm, and purchase an ostrich leather item or two. You won’t be disappointed.

Please contact Bryan for more information on our products.

Elizabeth Rautenbach
Bryan Landman

Grasmere Ostriches
Grasmere Ostriches
Grasmere Ostriches
Grasmere Ostriches
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